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The Woodlands Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in The Woodlands, TX

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If you are currently on the search for a reputable and reliable company to assist with your home's foundation repairs, then look no further than The Woodlands Foundation Repair. Our team has assisted so many customers with high-quality repairs to restore their homes back to their original state.

For more information, or to receive pricing on the foundation repairs that we provide, then make sure to get in contact us to find out more, or if you have any questions on the repairs we are able to do for you.

About Us 

Having worked in the foundation repair industry for so many years, we have become the trusted service provider within The Woodlands area. Our customers always return to us because they know for certain that we deliver on the highest quality repairs every time. If you are interested in finding out more about the services that we provide, or if you require pricing on the repair services that we do, make sure to give us a call.

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    Our Services

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    Our wide list of repair services includes slab foundation repairs, pier and beam repairs, house, and mobile house leveling as well as cracked wall structure repairs. If you are interested in any of the services that we provide, or if you require that we come and assess your wall structure for repairs, then make sure to get in contact with us. We will provide a free estimate on the repairs required, and ensure only the best quality repairs every time.

    Slab Foundation Repair
    Pier and Beam Repair
    House Leveling

    Slab Foundation Repair

    The first type of repair that we provide, is slab foundation repairs. Although concrete is durable and generally has an extremely long lifespan, over time, the concrete foundation will develop cracks and damage. When this happens, it is important to ensure that these cracks are repaired sooner than later. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that the repairs are done at the highest quality, and at the fastest turnaround time. Contact us today to find out more or to receive pricing.

    Pier and Beam Repair

    If the piers and beams within your home have taken damage, then make sure to contact the repair experts. Our team does not only carry out repairs on a slab foundation but also on piers and beams. Because your home is dependant on the foundation of your home, any damage that your foundation develops needs to be addressed quickly. Whether the damage is minor or extreme, we will make sure to carry out the repairs quickly and efficiently.

    House Leveling

    Another service that we provide here at The Woodlands Foundation Repair is house leveling. If you have noticed that your house is no longer as level as it used to be, then you may want to contact the repair experts to come and assist with the house leveling. Many warning signs will start to tell you when your home requires leveling, such as wall cracks. If you require an assessment done on your home to find out if it requires leveling, then make sure to give us a call.

    a crack on the wall
    a house leveling solution
    man digging a hole

    Drainage Solutions
    Cracked Wall Structural Repair
    Mobile Home Leveling

    Drainage Solutions

    To ensure that your home does not develop any water damage, it is important that you ensure that you have got a quality drainage solution set up in your home. Our team can provide a number of different water solutions that you can consider to assist with the drainage required. Whether you require french drains, footing drains or gutter drains, make sure to get in contact with us. We are able to install the drainage solutions quickly and efficiently.

    Cracked wall structure repair

    One of the biggest tell signs that the structure of your home requires repairs, is when the walls of your home start to crack. The cracks in the wall that develop should be repaired as soon as possible. Without the proper repair, the walls within your home can develop further damage and may even become irreparable. Our team The Woodlands Foundation Repair can assist with quick and efficient repairs for all wall structure damages.

    Mobile Home Leveling

    Many mobile homeowners do not know that a mobile home requires to be leveled at least once a year after it has been installed. If you have lived in your mobile home for longer than a year, and it has not been checked, then make sure to give us a call in order for us to provide a free assessment on your mobile home. We provide high-quality mobile home leveling at pricing you can trust.

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    a concrete house foundation
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    Contact Us Today

    Having heard about the several repair services that we provide, all that is left for you to do is contact us to find out how we can further assist. We have become a leading and most trusted structure foundation service provider by continuously delivering on high-end repairs every time. For more information on the services that we provide, or if you require pricing on the repairs that we do, then reach out to us today.

    “I was so impressed with the work done by the team at The Woodlands Foundation Repair. We had work done by another contractor who had come to do repairs on our beams within our home, however, the work done was so poor and we kept having to ask them to come back as it didn’t seem like they were doing more damage than repair. After making the call to The Woodlands Foundation Repair, they sent someone to us immediately and carried out an assessment on the damage another company had made. They got to work the very next day and managed to repair all the damage that had developed. Not only was the work that was done incredible, but they even managed to complete the work in a faster time than they set out for the work. I highly recommend the company for all your foundation repairs. Impeccable service and high quality.” James D.

    “Very happy with the work done by the entire team at The Woodlands Foundation Repair. Their service was great from the very first phone call to the very end. They were very informative and managed to answer all the questions that we had. They also kept us updated with all the changes regarding the repair of our slab foundation. A highly recommended company and will definitely make use of the team again.” Dean B.

    “We were looking for a service provider to assist with a drainage solution. We made contact with The Woodlands Foundation Repair to assist, and I was so happy with the service we received. Not only did they inform us of all our options, but they managed to complete the installation in a fast turnaround time. For high-quality services and good pricing, I highly recommend The Woodlands Foundation Repair.” Jarred L.